“Groove is more than keeping time – it’s a feel, a knowledge of where the beat lies, and how to bring it out to move the listener. Without a proper groove, your music will have no foundation. This is what Michael adds to a music project, and what sets him apart. Without the foundation, everything else you add to the track will just be icing on a fallen cake.”

- Lance Anderson, Make it Real Records

Looking for that natural rhythm and groove for your music project?
Audio Amigo can help you!

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Whether you need a rhythm track for your songwriting project, live drums added to your demo recording or a cool groove for jamming, Audio Amigo’s services (drum loops) can help you create a solid, professional sound.

Get exactly what you want immediately starting at only $3.00 (MP3 format - see here for other formats.)

You just pick the tempo and style and download the file – no need to purchase an entire CD.

Audio Amigo’s drum loops are supplied by the “Groove King” himself – Michael Sloski. Michael is Canada’s pre-eminent roots drummer, widely known for his incredible and always “in time” groove. His style has inspired the term “The Sloski Shuffle.”

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